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Green Zone Initiative

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What is a Green Zone?

There's no safer place for your family than inside your home... right? Think about all the effort you put in to making sure your family is safe, healthy, and comfortable when outside. How often do you think about the risks your family faces from your home's indoor environment?

Most homes in your neighborhood have performance issues due to factors like age, environment, and building practices. These issues reduce quality of life for families in the areas of Health, Safety, Comfort, and Finances. We, as a local non-profit organization, are focused on helping your family understand how your home is performing. Over the next 60 days we'll be offering no cost “visual check-ups” that are designed to:

  • Provide your family with peace of mind
  • Improve your family's quality of life
  • Connect your family to home performance resources
  • Support your local community and youth organizations