Welcome to GLES!

GLES is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and empowerment of homeowners in regards to home performance.  We partner with area contractors to provide analysis of issues and quality assurance on installed measures to make sure the homeowner's best interest in mind.

At GLES, our mission is the only reason for our existence...

  • Protect your family from risk
  • Connect your family to resources
  • Support your local community

The Snug Home Program

Most homes throughout the country have performance issues due to factors like age, environment, and building practices. These issues reduce quality of life for families in the areas of Health, Safety, Comfort, and Finances.  GLES is focused on helping families understand how their home is performing. Through partnerships with local community organizations, we provide no cost “visual check-ups” that are designed to:

  • Provide families with peace of mind
  • Improve quality of life for families
  • Connect families to home performance resources
  • Support local community organizations

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