Who We Are

GLES was founded in 2008. Our primary focus starting out was on education programs for elementary schools in the central Michigan area. These education programs helped children and their families understand the positives and negatives that come from the way we use energy. 

We expanded our operational scope in 2012, through a partnership with a number of high quality home performance contractors in Michigan, to include actively seeking out and correcting issues in homes around the community.

As of 2014, we are now active in the states of Michigan, Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.


Our Mission

Our mission is the sole reason for our existence. At GLES, our first priority is to protect families from risks. These risks include reduced quality of life for families due to poor home performance, as well as contractors that don't always have your family's best interest at heart.

Our second priority is to help families to understand the right home performance improvements for their home, as well as connect them with the proper resources to proceed with installation. These resources can include state programs, local utility programs, and high quality contractors held accountable by us.


Our Strategy

GLES has developed a comprehensive strategy for carrying out our mission throughout the United States. The Snug Home Program brings together multiple like-minded groups under one initiative designed to accomplish the goals of everyone involved.

  • Homeowners - Helping families make their home a safe, comfortable, affordable, and overall healthy place to live.
  • Community Organizations - Provide fundraising opportunities for local community organizations.
  • Home Performance Contractors - Training, tools, support, and accountability for home performance contractors who seek to help families move forward with real solutions to real problems.
  • State/Local Utilities - Helping to supercharge program participation by connecting families to the programs and resources that best meet their needs.


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