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Fundraising for K-14 Students and Youth Groups

About the Energy Fundraiser

The Great Lakes Energy Education Program has coordinated a fundraiser that is profitable, educational, fun and good for the environment. Students have used the money raised to improve program activities, support community members in need, and fund student field trips. GLEEP is proud to offer a fundraiser that helps students and schools, while educating citizens about energy efficiency.

About ENERGY STAR Qualified Products

By choosing ENERGY STAR qualified products you are making a lasting difference on the world in which we live.

Why Organize a Energy Fundraiser with Your Students?
Healthy fundraisers contribute to a healthy school environment. Products with mass appeal can be inexpensive to sell, provide generous fundraising margins, and support healthy choices. To find innovative and healthy ways for schools to generate income that help both the school raise money, the purchaser save money, and all to save the environment and Earth's resources, Great Lakes Energy Service, Inc. has come up with an energy efficient way to accomplish this mission.


We have selected some basic energy efficiency items and left the amount of profit to be determined by the school or organization. For more information read on.

Criteria for Participation:
Any K-14 student organization is eligible to participate in the GLEs Energy Fundraiser.


Sell 500 to 1,499 items and win a Killawatt Meter for the school. Sell 1,500 items or more and win a 1 day visit from the mobile renewable energy classroom for your school or youth group.

How it Works:

easy fundraiser

Choose your profit margin and return the registration form to Great Lakes Energy Education Program (GLEEP). Once the registration form is received, GLEEP will send 1 pre-sale flyer for each member of your group or groups can print their own and save resources.

easy fundraiser

Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks collecting money for each energy efficiency items you pre-sell, just as you do any other fundraiser. Your goal should be to pre-sell 10-20 items per member of your group!

easy fundraiser

At the end of the sale period complete the “group order form” and attach ONE check or money order from your organization made payable to “Great Lakes Energy Education Program”. Mail the payment minus your profit with the completed group order form to: P.O. Box 79, DeWitt, Michigan 48820. Your cost will depend on the items ordered and the profit amount selected.  Your organization should retain the rest of the money you collected as this is your profit to keep! Your order will be shipped in 3-4 weeks.

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